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Name: Joakim Larsson
Petname:sjusovaren (sleapyhead)
Date of birth: 19.08.1963
Height: 183cm
Eyes/hairs: green-blue/dark
Place of birth: Upplands Vasby, Sweden
Place of live: Since 2002 London, England. Before Dublin,Irland
Family: father Rolf, mother Eva, sister Liselotta (1958), brother Thomas (1964)
Family status: since 29.09.2000 married with Lisa Worthinghton (1967)
Pets: Horses Duko & Dutchess, dog Prince
Instruments: guitar, piano, trumpet
First band: Roxanne
Favourite groups: Sweet, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Nazareth, Thin Lizzy, White Snake, Van Halen, Magnum, Slade, Led Zeppelin
Favourite actor/actress: Christopher Walken/Ingrid Bergman
Favourite writter: Stephen King
Favourite movies: Dead Zone, Back to the future
Favourite colors: blue & black
Favourite drinks: beer Guinness & tea
Favourite dishes: meatballs and chiken wings
Favourite clothes: jeans and sweaters
Sport: football, icehokkey, tennis, yoga
Hobby: photograpy, painting, flying, horse riding, cooking
If he hasn't became a musician, he became: Formula 1 driver
Inspiration: if talk about the name - Joey Tempest it was William Shakespear' "Tempest"
Joey about Joey: bossy, workaholic, shy
Joey Tempest, whose real name is Joakim Larsson, was born on 19th August, 1963. He lived in Stockholm, Sweden with his mother Eva, father Rolf, sister Liselott (4 years older) and brother Tomas (1 year younger).
Joakim was an ordinary boy, who liked to play football and ice-hockey, and to drive go-cart. He even came in 4th place in a Swedish go-cart junior championship. But Jocke was also interested in music and soon it became more important. He learned to play some musical instruments from an early age. His sister had taken piano lessons and he tried to play the piano very early. Later a friend of his father's gave him some basic guitar lessons and Jocke had also learned to play the trumpet.
His favourites singers were Elton John and Elvis Preslay. He was also listening to such rock bands as "Led Zeppelin", "Nazareth", "Sweet", "Slade".
During his school years Jocke played in different local rock bands, such as: "Roxianne", "Blazer", "Made in Hong Kong". He was a singer and a bass-player there. They performed at local schools and stages. Then, in 1978 Joakim was invited to sing in is friend's, John Norum, band - Force. Besides Joakim Larsson (vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitars) and John Norum on guitar the band had John Leven on bass and Tony Reno (real surname Niemisto) on drums. In 1982 they decided to take part in a Young talents competition for rock music, which was held in Sweden. At that time the guys also changed the name of the band to "Europe" and Joakim changed his name to Joey Tempest. They won the 1st prize. It was an album
recording. This was the beginning of Europe's career. I don't think that it's necessary to tell the story of Europe all over again, I'm sure that you know the facts about this famous rock band. But I want to note the fact that most of the Europe songs (including the great hit The Final Countdown) were written by Joey.
After Europe had split up in 1992, Joey started his solo career. But first I want to note that in 1992 he had worked on a song, "We will be strong", with John Norum (the ex-Europe guitarist then) for John's solo album "Face the Truth".
In 1995 Joey made his 1st solo album, "A place to call home". On this album besides singing all the songs Joey also played the guitar, which shows that he's not only a good singer, but also a good guitarist. It is also necessary to say that John Norum played the solo guitar on one song, "Right to Respect". The music style was different from Europe's. It was closer to country than to rock. But anyway, the next year Joey was recognized "The best Swedish singer" in Germany.
In 1997 his 2nd solo album,"Azalea place", was released. This album wasn't as successful as the 1st
one, though the song "The Match" went quite high on the musical hit-charts in many countries.
Also the next year Joey had the honour to perform the hymn of the national football team of Germany for the World Championship. He sang it together with the famous German opera singer Anna Maria Kaufmann.
The next important event in 1998 was the recording of Mike Batt's Philharmania where Joey performed Bruce Springsteen's song "Born to run" with the Royal Symthonic Orchestra.
In 1999 came the greatest present for all Europe fans. Europe had a gig on New Year's Eve in Stockholm. It was the first reunion after the split-up 7 years before.
And now the most important event for Joey: on 29.09.2000 he married Lisa Woringhton. It is necessary to notice that they met first in 1992 in London. Since then Joey had fallen in love with Lisa he promised that Lisa will became his wife. So, he can keep his promises. But don't think that after building a family Joey forgot about music.
In 2001 Joey, together with the Swedish pop-singer Patrik Isaksson, performed the song by Pugh Rogefeldt "Har Kommer Natten" (this song is in Swedish). Translated, "Here Comes the Night".
In October, 2002 Joey's 3rd solo album was released. The title is simply "Joey Tempest". The style of this album is very different from the previous two. It gets really more rocking! And another good contribution is the fact that Mic Michaeli (the Europe keyboard player) helped Joey with this album. They still hold on together. Keep on this way!
But let's talk about the album. We can hear the sound of rock guitars, no more girl backing vocals, the music is harder and with more passion, but still emotional and tender. Joey also sings higher and this makes his voice much more beautiful. I'm sure, this album will bring Joey back into the rock music again.
So, I suppose that that is all the information that I can give you. Of course, it's not all, but still enough to present this wonderful man.
I want to note once again: Joey is the best musician and the best rock band (Europe) is his child. 
Like Joey said: "Nothing is constant ... except change".
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